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Leading underwater equipment manufacturer Remote Ocean Systems Inc. (ROS) has released 3 new products targeted at the subsea, marine and oceanographic industries:

L350 – Super Robust LED

ROS underwater lights are world renowned for their reliability and longevity.  This enviable reputation has been further enhanced by the release of the most robust ROS underwater light to date – the L350! 

The L350 is an evolution of its market leading predecessor the L300, giving full range dimming up to 7500 Lumen.  Designed with the offshore operator in mind, the L350’s 6000m rated hard anodised 5K aluminium housing utilises a captive flush mounted window and recessed tamper proof screws,

while faces of the housing meet with large radii mitigating corrosion, chafe and snag points.  The L350’s structural integrity is further enhanced with the view port secured in place by a ‘cleated’ bezel and housing interface removing the shear loading on the ports retaining fasters.  The L350 utilises the proven internal electronics of the L300 which have been independently tested to 6G shock and vibration without failure.  The end result is a super robust underwater LED that illuminates the toughest of challenges in the harshest of environments.  The L350 comes with a 2-year warranty and various connector options.

For full specification and download please visit: L350 Super Robust Underwater LED Download

P15 Lightweight Electric Pan & Tilt

Known for their durability the latest ROS pan and tilt is no exception.  The P15 Lightweight Electric Pan & Tilt is available in both a shallow or deep water configuration.  The shallow water P15 is rated to 70m and weighs in at an impressive 1.4kg in water.  Designed for inshore and onshore survey and inspection work, the unit is ideal for pole mounting from a RIB or small work boat or for long-term facilities monitoring projects.  The deep water P15 is rated to 6000m (PBOF/PBLF) and weighs only 1.9kg in water.  With its compact form factor, the unit is ideal for mounting to various classes of ROV as the main pan and tilt or as a secondary unit for applications such as sonar imaging, leak detection operations or high pressure jet cleaning.

The robust P15 has an impressive in air load capacity of 6.8kg and shows an improved +/-0.1° absolute positional feedback capability.  The 20-28VDC RS485 controlled unit runs low back-lash harmonic gears and brushless DC motors giving 20° p/s rotation speed.  The P15 comes with 2-year warranty and is available with a Subconn MCBH-4-MP connector as standard.

For full specification and download please visit: P15 Lightweight Pan & Tilt Download

C460 – Ultra Low Light Camera

ROS’s widely used range of underwater cameras has been further enhanced with the addition of the C460 Ultra Low Light Camera.  The monochrome C460’s highly impressive 5 x 10-⁶ Lux rating generates work enabling footage in the darkest of ambient light conditions as well as high intensity sunlight.  Housed in a 6000m rated Titanium enclosure with underwater corrected view port, the fixed focus C460 offers a 77° field of view over 570 TV Lines.  The C460 comes with a 2-year warranty and various connector options.

For full specification and download please visit: C460 Ultra Low Light Camera Download

ROS have been industry leaders in the design and manufacturing of reliable, high-tech equipment and systems for the most severe subsea, oceanographic, industrial, commercial and military environments since 1975.  To view ROS’s full subsea, nuclear and military range of cameras, lights, positioners and system solutions please visit or contact us at [email protected]

SCS Ltd. is contracted by ROS Inc. to act for and on their behalf in the UK and Norway.