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Founded in 2011 and based in Aberdeen, Scotland, SCS has a proven track record of helping clients achieve their objectives. Supplying and supporting Offshore Energy, Ocean Sciences, Aquaculture and Nuclear Energy, SCS understands the challenges and opportunities facing your business. 

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Underwater Technology Solutions
SCS offers a range of harsh environment proven underwater and surface technology solutions that are deployed in ROV and subsea inspection, marine asset location tracking, command and recovery operations and nuclear energy monitoring applications. Below is a selection from our offering:

Advanced ROV inspection and survey of subsea installations, aquaculture sites and utilities infrastructure


Field Serviceable Flood or Spotlight LED for ROV Operations - 6000m Rated


Lightweight ROV & Oceanographic Pan & Tilt - 6000m Rated

HP-LED Pool Light System

Leading Edge High Efficiency LED Pool Light – 30,000 Lumen

Assets & Data

Deepwater & surface solutions the track, monitor and control your marine assets


Underwater Iridium Satellite Location GPS-LED Strobe for Ocean Science, ROV and AUV Applications

XM Range

LED flasher, Iridium & Argos Satellite, VHF beacons for ROV, AUV and asset recovery – surface to 11,000m

Data Relays

Transmit serial data globally from your remote vehicles and ocean platform back to base in real-time – surface to 11,000m

Eagle IP 1080p IP Ethernet Zoom Camera
1080p IP Cameras

Zoom & Fixed Focus cameras – 300m to 6000m full colour low light ethernet IP cameras

Eagle IP 360 FOV Ethernet Camera

Live video feed ‘orbital’ viewing for situational awareness & monitoring – see everything all the time, record everything all the time.

Q-Link Ethernet Extender, 1080p IP, 360 IP Cameras for underwater applications

Conversion and transmission of IP device feeds over a single shielded twisted pair or coax cable.

Eagle IP Range of Cameras and Power and Integration Hubs for ROV, subsea, survey, ocean sciences and aquaculture applications.

6 channels into 1 - access the wasted capacity in Gigabyte (GBE) and 10/100 Ethernet channels.

With UK and international reach, SCS is a proven, reliable and trusted 
international partner to established underwater equipment manufacturers.