Subsea Commercial Services Ltd.

Known for their durability and longevity, the latest ROS underwater pan and tilt available from SCS Ltd. is no exception. The AccuPositioner Lightweight Electric Pan & Tilt is available in both shallow and deep water configurations. 

The shallow water AccuPositioner is rated to 70m and weighs in at an impressively light 1.4kg in water.  Designed for inshore and onshore survey and inspection work, the unit is ideal for pole mounting from a RIB or small work boat or for long-term facilities monitoring projects.

The deep water version is rated to 6000m (PBOF/PBLF) and weighs only 1.9kg in water.  With its compact form factor, the unit is ideal for mounting to various classes of ROV as the main pan and tilt or as a secondary unit for applications such as sonar imaging, leak detection operations or high pressure jet cleaning.

The robust AccuPositioner has an impressive in air load capacity of 6.8kg and +/-0.1° absolute positional feedback capability and zero gear backlash.  The 20-28VDC RS485 controlled unit generates 24° p/s rotation speed.  The AccuPositioner comes with a 2-year warranty and is available with a variety of connectors.

For full specification and further information please contact SCS Ltd. directly