Multibeam Bathymetric & Seabed Mapping

Survey System


Bathyswath 2 UW & & Bathyswath 2 STD


Bathyswath-2 is a comprehensive interferometric multibeam bathymetric & seabed mapping survey system, its data acquisition abilities are high density bathymetry and sidescan data.   Derived from the established & respected SWATHplus system, now renamed as Bathyswath 1,  Bathyswath 2 is ITER’s latest generation bathymetric system.   

Bathyswath-2 has a completely new electronics platform, giving improved performance in a smaller, lower power package with an Ethernet interface.  It can be used at any frequency from 100 to 500 kHz. The whole system has been optimised to reduce size & weight. 

Bathyswath-2 is available as a shallow deployment package with deck unit and transducers for pole mounting or as a 300m or 2000m subsea unit for mounting to ROVs and UAVs.

Download the Bathyswath 2 Datasheet

Download the Bathyswath 2 Product Comparison Datasheet


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