SCS Ltd. To Release New IP Ethernet Product Range At Subsea Expo 2019

Subsea Commercial Services Ltd. are delighted to announce the official release of their new range of underwater IP ethernet products at Subsea Expo 2019 (Aberdeen, Scotland). The new range is a mix of second generation HD IP cameras and new IP device integration solutions.

The new cameras, the IPCam-LL and FIPCam-LL, build on the success SCS experienced in 2018 with the release of their first generation HD IP cameras, the IPCam & FIPCam.  The new models are a powerful and unique combination of full colour 1080p HD and 0.001 Lux low light capability coupled in one camera!  Enhanced with optical and infinite digital zoom, these breakthrough units perform as well in submerged bright ambient conditions as they do in low light, making them real go anywhere solutions.  Meeting industry standards (ONVIF, H.264, RTSP), the 10/100Mbps BaseT ethernet units are rated from 300m to 6000m, come with their own GUI and have already proved themselves in the offshore sphere with several successful deployments and rental projects achieved.

To assist clients with the integration of these exciting new cameras and other IP controlled devices to underwater systems that don’t have fibre optics available, SCS has released the EX-Hub.  The EX-Hub VDSL Ethernet eXtender is designed to convert 10/100Mbps ethernet to VDSL ethernet, thus enabling the use of ethernet controlled devices if only a Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) is available.

Available with 1 to 4 channels, the EX-Hub recently exceeded expectations at a trial with a leading offshore operator.  The trial consisted of transmitting live video from an SCS HD IP camera over a total of 930m of STP, including passing through two slip rings, while the Saab Seaeye Tiger ROV involved had all thrusters and lights running at full power.  With absolutely no image quality degradation or camera control issues (zoom, focus, etc.) the trial was deemed a success by the highly experienced industry professionals in attendance.  Please contact SCS directly to receive a copy of the trial case study.

SCS’ next underwater IP ethernet integration solution is the EE-Hub.  The Ethernet Expansion Hub enables offshore operators to access the wasted capacity in their Gigabyte (GBE) and 10/100 Ethernet channels.  The EE-Hub is a subsea 10/100/1000Mbps ethernet switch capable of connecting six 10/100/1000Mbps channels to a single GBE or 10/100Mbps channel.  Outputting 24VDC with a maximum of 6 Amps available, the Hub is ideal for multi camera surveys, sonar applications and a variety of other underwater applications.

The compact size and light weight in water of both the EE-Hub and EX-Hub make them perfect for mounting to a variety of vehicle classes, monitoring platforms, landers and towed systems. Callum Magee, Managing Director of SCS explains:

“As the offshore energy sector catches up with other global industries in utilising the benefits of IP devices and the wider networkability and flexibility that brings, SCS is working hard to position itself as a recognised and trusted IP solutions provider to our international client base.  We have been really encouraged by our progress in 2018 and are looking forward to 2019 with confidence.”

To learn more about these and SCS’ other market leading solutions, please visit us at Stand No. 48 at Subsea Expo Exhibition, AECC, Aberdeen UK, 5th-7th February 2019.

SCS Ltd. Release New HD IP Underwater Camera Range

Subsea Commercial Services Ltd. (Aberdeen, Scotland) is delighted to announce the release of their new range of High Definition IP Underwater Cameras.  Compact, high performing and well priced the units are SCS’ first own branded products.

The anodised aluminium housed IPCam and FIPCam cameras are rated to 3000m as standard with options to 1000m and 250m versions available.  Both units operate at 1080p, require 10/100 Mbps, offer good low light performance and are available with a dedicated GUI enabling control of brightness, saturation, hue, stills capture, recording to laptop and the control of up to eight cameras simultaneously. 

The IPCam is an 18x optical zoom and focus unit with 0.01 Lux capability that weighs under 1kg in water, while the FIPCam is an extremely compact (69mm x 69mm ex-connector) fixed focus unit that is just over 300g in water.  The FIPCam is also available as a 5 megapixel unit for enhanced picture quality.  Callum Magee, Managing Director of SCS is feeling very positive about the release of the units:

“The IPCam and FIPCam represent SCS’ first own brand products so we are obviously very excited about this progression.  The pricing, size and performance of the units mean they cover a lot of ground in terms of variety of underwater vehicle they can be mounted to and the sectors they will be deployed in.  We feel the complete package will be of interest not only to our traditional subsea and marine renewable clients but also to those involved in scientific research and aquaculture projects.”

Mr Magee goes on to explain that the ethernet based cameras are the first in a series of new products that SCS will be bringing to market in 2018.  SCS offers bespoke growth strategies and technical solutions for the global subsea, ROV and oceanographic industries.

Please contact SCS Ltd. for demonstration, pricing, availability and rental rates or to discuss our other leading underwater technologies.

SCS Ltd. Signs Distributor Agreement With Xeos Technologies Inc.

Subsea Commercial Services Ltd. (SCS) is proud to announce the securing of exclusive distribution rights for Scotland of Canadian based Xeos Technologies Inc.

Founded in 2004, Xeos Technologies design and manufacture application specific telemetry and data collection products for marine, scientific, law enforcement and military clients who need reliable and innovative solutions to track, monitor and control assets deployed in harsh and demanding environments.

Proven in the North Atlantic and deployed the world over, XeosBeacons™ keep surface and underwater vehicles, monitoring systems, platforms and moorings safe by utilising the latest GPS and Iridium Satellite tracking technology.  Offering either standalone or combined high intensity LED flasher technology and satellite tracking, Xeos units enable valuable assets to be located, monitored, tracked and recovered thus reducing risk and lowering the operator’s insurance burden.  Asset tracking is supported via Xeos Online, a web portal that gives worldwide command, control and management of devices.

Always moving forward, Xeos have recently released a new line of oceanographic products that use GPS for wave height and tide gauge measurement, as well as a new low cost disposable surface tracker used in oil spill and current tracking.

Callum Magee, SCS’s Managing Director, is excited about the new relationship: “Xeos is a well-established manufacturer with a high quality offering that covers a wide range of marine and non-marine related sectors.  We’re looking forward to developing the range’s presence in our traditional markets but also breaking into new.”

With sales already achieved in the academic research sector among others, Xeos Sales Director Darren Penny explained: "Xeos is very excited to have Subsea Commercial Services as our representative in Scotland. With a primary focus to help customers, SCS's energy and dedication combined with their market knowledge is exactly what Xeos looks for in a representative".

SCS Supplies Robust Underwater Lights for SMD's Latest Plough

Subsea Commercial Services Ltd. (Aberdeen, Scotland) has supplied multiple market leading underwater LEDs to Soil Machine Dynamics Ltd (Newcastle, England) for a new build pipeline plough.

The ROS Inc. built L350 LEDs were chosen for SMD’s next generation pipeline plough - the Variable Multi Pass Plough (VMP).  Rated to 1000m with a submerged weight of 100Te, the VMP has a maximum bollard pull of 350Te while trenching to a maximum depth of 2 metres.  In other words, only the most robust ancillary devices are acceptable.

ROS underwater lights are renowned for their reliability and longevity with the L350 their most robust underwater light to date.  Designed with the offshore operator in mind, the L350’s 6000m rated hard anodised 5K aluminium housing incorporates a captive flush mounted window and recessed tamper proof screws, while faces of the housing meet with large radii mitigating corrosion, chafe and snag points.  The L350’s structural integrity is further enhanced with the view port secured in place by a ‘cleated’ bezel and housing interface removing the shear loading on the ports retaining fasteners.  The L350 utilises the proven internal electronics of its predecessor the L300, which have been independently tested to 6G shock and vibration without failure.  The result is a super robust underwater LED that illuminates the toughest of challenges in the harshest of environments.  Offering full range dimming up to 7500 Lumen, the L350 comes with a 2-year warranty and various connector options.

SMD’s most advanced plough to date, the VMP offers a unique remote variable multi‐pass capability.   This allows the operator to maintain a consistent pull force by varying the depths of cut and thereby operate the plough in single or multiple passes.

Please contact SCS directly to discuss the L350 or our other underwater solutions and commercial services.

New Underwater Products From Remote Ocean Systems Inc.

Leading underwater equipment manufacturer Remote Ocean Systems Inc. (ROS) has released 3 new products targeted at the subsea, marine and oceanographic industries:

L350 – Super Robust LED

ROS underwater lights are world renowned for their reliability and longevity.  This enviable reputation has been further enhanced by the release of the most robust ROS underwater light to date – the L350! 

The L350 is an evolution of its market leading predecessor the L300, giving full range dimming up to 7500 Lumen.  Designed with the offshore operator in mind, the L350’s 6000m rated hard anodised 5K aluminium housing utilises a captive flush mounted window and recessed tamper proof screws,

while faces of the housing meet with large radii mitigating corrosion, chafe and snag points.  The L350’s structural integrity is further enhanced with the view port secured in place by a ‘cleated’ bezel and housing interface removing the shear loading on the ports retaining fasters.  The L350 utilises the proven internal electronics of the L300 which have been independently tested to 6G shock and vibration without failure.  The end result is a super robust underwater LED that illuminates the toughest of challenges in the harshest of environments.  The L350 comes with a 2-year warranty and various connector options.

For full specification and download please visit: L350 Super Robust Underwater LED Download

P15 Lightweight Electric Pan & Tilt

Known for their durability the latest ROS pan and tilt is no exception.  The P15 Lightweight Electric Pan & Tilt is available in both a shallow or deep water configuration.  The shallow water P15 is rated to 70m and weighs in at an impressive 1.4kg in water.  Designed for inshore and onshore survey and inspection work, the unit is ideal for pole mounting from a RIB or small work boat or for long-term facilities monitoring projects.  The deep water P15 is rated to 6000m (PBOF/PBLF) and weighs only 1.9kg in water.  With its compact form factor, the unit is ideal for mounting to various classes of ROV as the main pan and tilt or as a secondary unit for applications such as sonar imaging, leak detection operations or high pressure jet cleaning.

The robust P15 has an impressive in air load capacity of 6.8kg and shows an improved +/-0.1° absolute positional feedback capability.  The 20-28VDC RS485 controlled unit runs low back-lash harmonic gears and brushless DC motors giving 20° p/s rotation speed.  The P15 comes with 2-year warranty and is available with a Subconn MCBH-4-MP connector as standard.

For full specification and download please visit: P15 Lightweight Pan & Tilt Download

C460 – Ultra Low Light Camera

ROS’s widely used range of underwater cameras has been further enhanced with the addition of the C460 Ultra Low Light Camera.  The monochrome C460’s highly impressive 5 x 10-⁶ Lux rating generates work enabling footage in the darkest of ambient light conditions as well as high intensity sunlight.  Housed in a 6000m rated Titanium enclosure with underwater corrected view port, the fixed focus C460 offers a 77° field of view over 570 TV Lines.  The C460 comes with a 2-year warranty and various connector options.

For full specification and download please visit: C460 Ultra Low Light Camera Download

ROS have been industry leaders in the design and manufacturing of reliable, high-tech equipment and systems for the most severe subsea, oceanographic, industrial, commercial and military environments since 1975.  To view ROS’s full subsea, nuclear and military range of cameras, lights, positioners and system solutions please visit or contact us at

SCS Ltd. is contracted by ROS Inc. to act for and on their behalf in the UK and Norway.

SCS & Forum Technology Showcase Success

An invitation only technology showcase organised by Subsea Commercial Services (SCS) in conjunction with Forum Energy Technologies (Forum) has been hailed a success by all those involved.

With the objective of introducing new subsea technologies from three manufacturers to the Aberdeen Oil and Gas sector, the two-day event was well attended with positive feedback and outcomes for Forum and all the equipment manufacturers taking part.

Hosted at Forum’s purpose built premises, Forum House, in Westhill, Aberdeen, the event made good use of their newly opened 6 x 5 x 4.5m test tank facility, while senior technical representatives from each of the participating companies, ITER Systems (ITER), EMO Marine Technologies Ltd. (EMO) and Remote Ocean Systems (ROS), were there to ensure that all questions could be answered.

Showcase Agenda:

The purpose was to show engineers and workshop personal from a wide range of contractors and survey companies the new technologies from ITER, EMO and ROS with a range of applications such as IRM, construction work, pipeline inspections, pre-route surveys, offshore windfarms, defence, harbour and inland hydrographic surveys.

ITER Systems’ Bathyswath-2 Seabed Mapping and Side Scan Imaging System (Deck Unit) was deployed in the test tank with a 486 kHz transducer oriented by ROS’s new P15 lightweight pan and tilt. 

The Bathyswath uses wide swath widths, which increases survey speeds, especially in shallow water. It has three frequencies: 117, 234 or 468 kHz that in a dual transducer configuration respectively gives up to 800, 400 & 200m swath at 100m water depth. The US Geological Survey (USGS) said: “Operating swath of the bathymetric system ranged from 15 to 20 times water depth in in depths less than 15m”.

The Bathyswath-2 was alternately run through the EMO Marine’s Domino 7 MkII and Nano MUX fibre optic multiplexer subsea and topside units to a control station and the P15 was controlled via the Bathyswath-2 GUI.

The DOMINO-7 multiplexer is a compact fiber optic system with a wide range of MUX channels and power supply configurations. Offering 4 video, with 10 data channels, the DOMINO design also offers 2x industry standard Multi-beam ports, consisting of Gigabit Ethernet (GBE) communications, coupled with 48VDC supply voltage, all provided within the same connection.  The DOMINO-7 MUX system can rapidly be re-configured to meet the power and protocol requirements of a wide range of ocean tools and devices. The depth rating is down to 6000m and is ideal for the deployment on ROVs.

The new small EMO Nano-MUX compact fiber optic system has dramatically reduced the sub-sea form-factor offered for video and data conversion to fiber. The Nano sub-sea housing offers the ability to convert High Definition video feeds, as well as high speed Gigabit Ethernet data within the smallest and most lightweight housing available on the market to date as it only weighs 2.2 kilos in air.

The full range of kit on display included:

ITER Systems - France:

  • Bathyswath-2 Seabed Mapping and Side Scan Imaging System – Deck Unit – operational·        
  • Bathyswath-2 Seabed Mapping and Side Scan Imaging System – ROV Unit - not previously seen in Aberdeen
  • Integrated gap filler and pole mount plate highlighting modular ‘2 in 1’ survey package - not previously seen in Aberdeen

Please visit for more information. 

EMO Marine - Canada:

  • Domino 7 MkII fibre optic multiplexer & topside - not previously seen in Aberdeen
  • Mini-T fibre optic multiplexer
  • Nano MUX fibre optic multiplexer & topside - not previously seen in Aberdeen

Please visit  for more information

Remote Ocean Systems - USA:

  • LED Lights – L300, MV-LED II and new L350 - not previously seen in Aberdeen
  • Pan & Tilts – P100, P20 and new P15 - not previously seen in Aberdeen
  • Cameras – C600-HD, C400 Low Light, C200 Day / Night Monitoring Camera

Please visit for more information.

Christian Blinkenberg, Sales Director for Global Services at Forum was very positive after the event, “We are delighted with the turn out and response to the equipment shown, our Forum House facility and the event itself.  We all recognise the state of the industry at present and the travel restrictions this has placed on people, which limits visits to out of town conferences and exhibitions.  After discussions with SCS we wanted to offer our clients the opportunity to take an in-depth look at and hands-on experience with technologies they would not have seen in Aberdeen.”

Forum and SCS would like to thank all attendees and manufacturers for supporting the Technology Showcase.

Forum Energy Technologies is a global oilfield products company, serving the subsea, drilling, completion, production and infrastructure sectors of the oil and natural gas industry. The company’s products include highly engineered capital equipment as well as products that are consumed in the drilling, well construction, production and transportation of oil and natural gas. Forum is headquartered in Houston, TX with manufacturing and distribution facilities strategically located around the globe.

The author of this article notes that EMO Marine was purchased by MacArtney Underwater Technologies as of June 2016.

Subsea Commercial Services Ltd. To Showcase Advanced New Technology At Subsea Expo 2016

Subsea Commercial Services Ltd. (SCS) will be showcasing new and advanced subsea technology at the upcoming Subsea Expo 2016 Exhibition in Aberdeen, Scotland.

The Aberdeen based company has recently secured the national and international representation of a number market leading manufacturers including:

EMO Marine Technologies Ltd. – manufacturers of advanced fibre optic multiplexers.  EMO’s core technology uses a range of fibre-optic video / data multiplexers and media converters suitable for various marine and subsea applications.  EMO provide reliable fibre-optic communication solutions in the smallest form factor subsea enclosures across a range of pressure ratings.  The product range is targeted at new build underwater vehicles, long-term monitoring projects and low cost solutions that add interchangeable capability to an existing ROV fleet.

ITER Systems – manufacturers of a new range of multibeam bathymetric sonars, multibeam echo-sounders and forward looking object avoidance sonars targeted at the subsea, scientific and military markets.  High quality, robust and well-priced, ITER offers plug and play sonar solutions through to OEM kits that enable clients to access the technology at a reduced price.

SCS Managing Director Callum Magee explained, ‘Historically SCS has offered bespoke business development services to companies operating in the subsea sector.  We took the strategic decision to expand our area of operation and have secured the representation of complementary advanced technology product lines with genuinely unique selling points.’ 

As part of their business development services, SCS will be demonstrating Remote Ocean Systems Inc. (ROS) current range of underwater cameras, lights and pan and tilts on the stand.  ROS have been market leading subsea engineers for over 40 years and are genuine pioneers in the industry. Exceptionally well-priced and robust, ROS products are renowned for their longevity and reliability.

To view these products please visit SCS on Stand No. 157, Subsea Expo Exhibition, 3rd-5th February, 2016, AECC, Aberdeen, Scotland.